Healthcare Fraud

Wirskye Law Firm represents clients in white-collar criminal, civil, and administrative matters. We represent businesses and individuals in these cases, including doctors, dentists, marketing professionals, business owners and others. Sarah Wirskye has defended clients in many healthcare industries, including the following:

  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Physician Practices
  • Dental & Orthodontic Practices
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory
  • Hospice
  • Home Health
  • Nursing Home
  • Ambulance
  • Hearing Aid
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Medical Equipment Sales
  • Med-Spas

Sarah Wirskye has defended clients in healthcare fraud cases involving allegations of kickbacks and bribes, services not rendered, necessity, upcoding, bundling, and other criminal and civil statutes and regulations.

The civil cases are often whistleblower, False Claims Act (FCA) qui tam cases and Sarah Wirskye has represented clients in investigating, settling and litigating healthcare FCA cases. She also has extensive experience as pool counsel representing groups of employees in healthcare fraud investigations and representing individuals testifying before grand juries. She has also conducted internal investigations in these cases.

These investigations often have dire collateral consequences for a health care provider such as exclusion from the Medicare and Medicaid programs, loss of a professional license and negative media coverage. Sarah Wirskye has experience navigating this complex landscape in healthcare fraud matters.

Sarah Wirskye has negotiated favorable resolutions in federal and state healthcare fraud matters, including non-prosecutions, pre-trial diversions, reduced charges and monetary settlements of less than 10% of the government's’ demands. She is a strong courtroom advocate and has obtained favorable, reduced sentences in healthcare fraud prosecutions.