Civil and Criminal Litigation

Sarah Wirskye has successfully defended clients in federal and state, criminal and civil matters in trials and litigation before juries and judges. She has also favorably resolved many cases via a settlement or plea bargain.

Wirskye Law Firm conducts thorough investigations to formulate the best strategy and message to present to the judge, jury or opponent. The Firm diligently prepares cases, and is organized and efficient in managing civil and criminal discovery. Wirskye Law Firm focuses on results and relevant issues and avoids unnecessary expense. The firm employs a proactive approach, working with experienced investigators, consultants and other professionals, if necessary. When it comes to litigation, there is no substitute for skill, experience and commitment.

Our tireless advocacy and striving for perfection is not only an asset in the courtroom, but also in our written work product and research. This helps position us for victory in trials, mediations and settlement negotiations.

Our goal is to achieve the best resolution for our clients in an proactive yet efficient manner.