Customs Fraud

Wirskye Law Firm represents clients in civil and white-collar criminal customs fraud cases. The Firm has represented clients in cases involving imports and exports, with allegations of transshipment, misrepresenting the country of origin, false statements on customs documentation, and anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Customs fraud cases often involve parallel proceedings, with criminal, civil and administrative investigations arising from the same conduct. Sarah Wirskye has experience navigating this complex landscape and working with civil and criminal Department of Justice prosecutors and government agents to resolve these matters.

Customs fraud investigations also often arise from whistleblower False Claims Act (FCA) cases. Sarah Wirskye has defended many clients in customs False Claims Act cases resulting in favorable resolutions for individual, business owner, employee and company clients. Because there are often parallel criminal investigations in False Claims Act cases, Wirskye Law Firm is uniquely suited to defend clients based on counsel’s extensive experience in representing clients in white-collar criminal and related False Claims Act matters.