False Claims Act Litigation

Wirskye Law Firm represents clients in False Claims Act (FCA) Qui Tam matters. Sarah Wirskye has extensive experience in FCA cases alleging healthcare, customs and government contractor fraud. She has represented individuals, companies, corporate officers, company owners and employees. Sarah Wirskye has both litigated and negotiated favorable settlements in False Claims Act matters. She has also conducted formal discovery and internal investigations and responded to Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) and the media in these cases.
These investigations usually involve multiple proceedings, with criminal, civil and administrative investigations arising from the same conduct. These cases also often involve state law allegations. Wirskye Law Firm is uniquely suited to defend these cases based on counsel’s experience representing clients in both civil Qui Tam and white-collar criminal matters. Sarah Wirskye has worked with the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. and local United States Attorneys Offices, State Attorney Generals Offices, and government agencies to navigate this complex landscape and favorably resolve cases for her clients.